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Attention Footballers: Get A Free Supplements Pack Courtesy Of Man Utd And SiS

Jonathan Shannon
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 15:30

Runners, cyclists and gym-goers are all over energy and recovery supplements, but it’s fair to say amateur footballers aren’t quite as keen. The pros are, though, especially now that players cover more distance and complete more sprints in a game than ever before. And while you may find you’re covering less distance and completing fewer sprints than ever before (hey, time takes its toll on us all), it’s worth remembering football is especially demanding because it’s an endurance and an anaerobic sport.

Supplements company Science in Sport has been working with Manchester United since 2008, but to celebrate a recently announced multi-year partnership SiS is giving away 100,000 supplement packs for amateur players to try. Just pay £2.99 P&P and you’ll get isotonic energy gels, an energy and caffeine gel, an energy sachet, a recovery sachet and tube of hydration tablets. Go get yours at scienceinsport.com/football, and then come straight back because we spoke to SiS nutritionist Ted Munson to find out how pro footballers use supplements and when they might come in handy for amateurs looking to...

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