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Make This Sweet Potato Vegetarian Curry Recipe To Mark Plant Power Day

Jonathan Shannon
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 08:00

National Pizza Day is on 9th February. National Burger Day is on 23rd August. You’ve just missed National Cheese Doodle Day on 5th March (unless you celebrated it, perhaps by eating your bodyweight in cheese doodles). Sometimes it seems that every food worthy of overindulgence is given its own special day, giving you a little push to binge on things that are spectacularly unhealthy in anything but moderate amounts.

Well, purveyor of soy-based foods Alpro is trying to get in on the act by coming up with National Plant Power Day, which falls on 7th March. Will this succeed in convincing you to overindulge on plants by eating your bodyweight in butternut squash or mainlining almond milk? No, it will not, in part (and only in part) because Alpro has set its sights a little lower by asking everyone to make plants the star of the entire day, or a meal, or a snack, or even just replacing the milk in your coffee.

We’re fully behind this admirable effort because while there’s a frankly dizzying number of diet plans and conflicting nutritional advice out there, everyone – everyone – agrees that we...

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