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How To Do The Landmine Press

Nick Harris-Fry
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 16:34

Landmine exercises involve lifting, squatting or pressing one end of an angled barbell and they’re a worthy addition to any workout regime, but they’re especially good for those new to the weights room. That’s because they act as a stepping stone between unweighted versions of exercises like the squat and the full, loaded-barbell versions.

Some gyms will have a dedicated landmine, a device that you insert one end of a barbell in, but you can also do these presses with one end of a barbell pushed into a corner (we recommend wrapping the end in a towel or something similar to avoid marking the wall).

The landmine press is a great exercise for almost all of your upper body, with the chest, triceps and shoulders taking the brunt of the work. The curving path of the press and the neutral grip also make landmines presses slightly easier on the shoulders than vertical presses.


How To Do The Landmine Press

There’s no agreed standard for this exercise, so don’t be surprised if a PT asks you to do the landmine press differently to the way described here. The variations come...

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