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Challenge Yourself To Swim 5K In Just Eight Weeks’ Time

Jonathan Shannon
Monday, March 5, 2018 - 10:47

In most forms of self-powered locomotion 5km isn’t far – it’s an hour’s walk, a run of less than half an hour for most, or an even quicker bike ride. It’s a ruddy long way, though, when you’re propelling yourself through water – 2½ hours is a good target for the uninitiated.

That makes it a significant challenge for your average Joe or Josephine, but one that’s eminently achievable if you’ve got a solid base of fitness, some confidence in the pool and Swimathon’s training plans. Of course, don’t talk it down in that way when you’re soliciting sponsorship – “I’m doing 200 lengths of my local 25m pool” sounds much more impressive, as well as having the advantage of being true.

Swimathon is an annual aquatic fundraiser, which this year is supporting Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. It’s being held in pools across the UK between Friday 27th and Sunday 29th April 2018.

The 5km distance is the longest you can set your sights on, but there are also 400m, 1.5km and 2.5km swims for individuals to take on, while teams of two to people can tackle 1.5km or 5km.

And there’s just the right amount of...

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