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How To Do The Rack Pull

Nick Harris-Fry
Friday, March 2, 2018 - 16:08

If you’ve seen someone doing rack pulls in your gym you might have made the mistake of dismissing them as a poor man’s deadlift. While it’s true that rack pulls have a shorter range of motion than a deadlift, they work the same muscles and by shortening the movement of the exercise, rack pulls allow you to lift a heavier weight. This will result in stronger back muscles, as well as helping to improve your form and power in the top half of a standard deadlift.

You will need some kit to do rack pulls, namely a barbell and a power rack. That, and the large amount of weight involved, means it’s definitely an exercise best performed in a gym rather than as part of a home workout, even if you have a barbell at home.

The lower back muscles are the primary target of rack pulls, but the movement also works your upper back, glutes and hamstrings, and you’ll also increase your grip strength. Rack pulls don’t work as many different muscles and joints as deadlifts, so if you’re short on time it’s probably wise to opt for the latter, but if you’re looking to improve your deadlift or focused on bulking up...

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