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How To Deal With A Fear Of Commitment

Nick Harris-Fry
Monday, February 26, 2018 - 13:10

A fear of commitment can be hindrance in all walks of life, but it is with relationships that it most commonly arises. Everyone is naturally a little wary of making potentially lifelong commitments, but when that fear starts to strangle relationships or stop you from even starting one, it’s something that needs to be addressed.

Coach spoke to Dr Mark Winwood, director of psychological services at AXA PPP Healthcare, for more information on what drives a fear of commitment and how people can turn that fear into motivation.

What causes fear of commitment?

When we talk about fear associated with commitment we’re really talking about fear of failure and rejection. Committing to something can make us feel vulnerable. What happens if we’re rejected? What happens if this relationship fails?

Fear of failure focuses on our expectations of ourselves. We expect a lot more of ourselves – sometimes we even expect perfection. Our fear of commitment might mean that we need to be perfect. And as we all know, perfection doesn’t exist.

If we don’t commit then we don’t have to face the failure. It’s like...

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