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How To Cook Steak For Beginners

Joel Snape
Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 17:14

Learning how to make steak is a great place to start when you’re unfamiliar with cooking meat for a couple of reasons. First, cooking is basically about managing heat, and cooking meat is one of the simplest ways to master this simple skill. Second, whether you cook it gently and lovingly in an elegant Le Creuset griddle pan or take it outside and whack it on the barbecue, red meat is a great source of creatine and protein – essentials for building muscle – along with vitamins B, D and selenium.

Half the battle is getting good-quality meat, which is richer in nutrients; the other half is making it delicious. Richard Turner, Michelin-starred chef and founder of the East London Steak Company, explains how to do both.

Pack light

“Don’t buy vacuum-packed if at all possible – it’s usually a sign of large processing plants. Buy from a reputable butcher who keeps his or her beef on the bone, rather than off a supermarket shelf.”

Grass is greener

“Grass-fed meat is always better than corn-fed, and free range is a must. For steak, dark colour is a good indication of quality and there should be a good...

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