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Blubel Cycling Navigation Device Review

Friday, September 14, 2018 - 15:55

Central to the success of any cycling navigation device are the routes it picks for you to follow. It doesn’t matter how clear the directions are or how long the battery life is – if you don’t trust that it’s taking you the best way, it’s tempting to dispense with the device and start plotting your own routes again.

That’s why although the Blubel is not perfect, I found it very easy to forgive any faults because it’s the first device I’ve come across that reliably improved on routes I would map out myself, both in terms of how quiet and cycle-friendly the roads were, as well as how fast and short the routes were to actually ride.

For my first ride with the Blubel I set it the challenge of guiding me home. This is a 20km ride and I believed I had honed the route to perfection over many months, so I was sceptical when I entered the details in the Blubel app and it picked a different route as the best option. Blubel had also found my normal route and listed it as one of the options available. You get three “fast” and three “quiet” routes for each trip, though even fast Blubel routes are generally good at avoiding...

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