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Challenge Yourself To Complete This Third Space Formula 3 Workout

Nick Harris-Fry
Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 17:25

When it comes to fitness classes, where premium gym chains like Third Space lead, others tend to follow. That’s why we’re always keen to check out a new session on the Third Space timetable.

The latest flagship class is Formula 3, which launches at the new Third Space City club, and it sounds tough to say the least.

“Formula 3 is a triple header of hard work,” says Luke Barnsley, trainer at Third Space London. "Rowing, kettlebells and bodyweight work – all gruelling, all yielding results. In a Formula 3 class there are three blocks of work, with each block broken up into three sections.”

If that sounds like fun to you, we’ve enlisted Barnsley to provide a taster workout in the style of a Formula 3 workout. This workout only has two blocks, rather than the three you’ll find in a Third Space session, but we reckon once you’ve made it through the below you’ll be more than happy to skip the finisher you’d have to tackle in the full class.


“First make sure you have enough space and the equipment required,” says Barnsley. “You’ll need a rower, some kettlebells and space for the...

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