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Strava Now Syncs With PureGym To Log Your Workouts

Nick Harris-Fry
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 09:11

Having conquered the worlds of run and ride tracking, fitness app Strava has turned its sights to the rest of your activities by announcing a trio of new partnerships. Gym chain PureGym, fitness class booking app Mindbody and boutique studio Digme can all now be connected to Strava so that your activities automatically sync to your account.

While many runners and cyclists are known for their aversion to the gym, cross training is an important part of any training regime, making you faster, stronger and more injury-resistant so you can reach ever greater heights with your main sport. Being able to get kudos on that activity is really just the cherry on top.

You can already log all manner of activities to Strava manually, but as Gareth Mills, UK country manager at Strava, explains, the new connections will make it easier to keep tabs on your indoor activities.


“Once connected, your time in the gym and number of classes attended will be automatically tracked on Strava, alongside your other activities,” says Mills. “You won't need to choose any activities manually...

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