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Videos Of Four Epic Adventure Holidays That’ll Give You Itchy Feet

Nick Harris-Fry
Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 15:27

Very few of us get to spend as much time on holiday each year as we’d really like to, which means that when you do have the chance to escape for a couple of weeks, it’s worth making that break as memorable as possible.

Everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday differs, but for many people a trip just isn’t satisfying unless some kind of adventurous activity is included. You don’t have to leave the UK to enjoy an adrenaline-filled holiday, but it’s fair to say that heading for a far-flung location only adds to the adventure.

Below you’ll find four top picks for adventure holidays from Paulo Palha, founder of Travideo, a website that hosts travel videos from around the world shot by pro filmmakers.

Scuba Dive In Thailand

“Thailand is home to some world-class dive sites,” says Palha. “The clear blue seas, tropical sea life and paradise islands make scuba diving off Thailand’s coast an experience to remember.

“You can do the PADI Open Water Dive course while in Thailand and qualify for the licence while you’re there. The course takes three full days, and costs between £250 and £400 depending on...

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