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The Home Glutes Workout That Will Get Your Day Off To A Flyer

Jonathan Shannon
Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 20:51

When you step out of your front door in the morning, what kind of step do you take? Is it a purposeful stride? Or a weary stumble?

Beyond how much you’re dreading your day at work, a clipped gait might have everything to do with glutes that are still asleep. The frankly massive muscles in your rear can be criminally underused, especially if you happen to work in an office where their primary use is as a not particularly comfortable cushion. So when we were introduced to trainer Shona Vertue’s workout videos for AXA PPP Healthcare, we were immediately drawn to the glute session.

It’s a short, simple routine that cycles through a circuit of squats, glute bridges, leg extensions and reverse lunges twice. The first three moves use a resistance band, but all the exercises can be done as bodyweight moves while you wait for the set you just bought online to be delivered.

The glutes workout is one of three options – the others are a yoga session and a HIIT kettlebell and yoga combo. All are designed to get you going in the morning. You could, of course, slip them in during your lunch break or...

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