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These Vegetarian Traybakes Are Tasty, Healthy And Unbelievably Easy To Make

Rukmini Iyer
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 13:50

I was brought up in a vegetarian household – often vegan, as southern Indian food tends to be. Other than on pizza night, my mother rarely failed to put at least three different types of dish on the table – whether it was rice, spiced potatoes and aubergines, sambhar (a lentil and tamarind stew), carrots and beans in mustard seeds and a peppery tomato rasam, or home-made mushroom quiche, roasted vegetables and a Caprese salad. Given that she worked full-time as a GP, I have no idea how she managed, unless I’m blocking out the memory of a lot of potato waffles and buttery macaroni with grated Cheddar (still up there on my list of favourite dinners).

Food for dinner parties or birthdays was even better: home-made paneer cheese, blitzed with spices, then formed into koftas, deep-fried and cooked in a rich Mughal tomato and cream sauce, tiny stuffed aubergines, cauliflower cooked with ginger and chilli, and my favourite, pulao rice with cashews and saffron.

Weeknight cooking rarely affords the time for so many dishes, so I’ve taken the principles of vegetarian cooking learned from home, and...

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