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Bragi Dash Pro Wireless Headphones Review

Nick Harris-Fry
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 14:49

How much would you spend on headphones? Up to this point the priciest pair we’ve tried are around £200 so a set would need to offer a pretty special set of features to warrant a higher price than that. The Bragi Dash Pro wireless headphones deliver on the novel features front, but often fluff their lines when it comes to the basics – and considering they cost almost £300, that’s pretty much unforgivable.

The marquee features are the 4GB of space for music, podcasts and audiobooks, and tracking activity (including your heart rate) automatically. Using the partner app you can set up your own audio profile through a six-minute test where you press a button when you can hear a series of beeps, and release it when you can’t. This automatically adjusts the sound profile to your ears.

You can use headshakes and nods to scroll through the menu on the buds and skip tracks, and there are also touch controls on the side of the buds. The headphones offer five hours of battery life, and the carry case can charge them five times, which puts them at the top end of what’s on offer with truly wireless...

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