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A Healthy Eating Plan For When You’re Hitting The Gym Hard

Jon Lipsey
Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 10:37

If you want to make a big difference to how you look and feel in a short space of time, you’re going to have to follow a diet that feels like punishment – right? You know the kind of thing. You eat a few broccoli florets and a small portion of white fish every few hours, except on Sundays when you get three sniffs of a rasher of bacon as a treat.

That was the view I held until earlier this year and I now know that my preconceptions were wrong. I know they were wrong because a few months ago I did my first ever body transformation, turning myself from an overweight 37-year-old into a Men’s Fitness cover model in just eight weeks. Even better, I didn’t just get to sniff the bacon. I got to eat it. With a couple of fried eggs. In a nice big sandwich with brown sauce.

In fact nothing about the approach to food that I used, which is outlined (along with all the workouts I followed) in my New Body Plan book, was extreme or restrictive. I’m happy to report that you can make a dramatic change to your physique without making your life a misery.

The other misconception I held is that if you make...

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